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Monday, April 16, 2018

Learn How to install CCcam on Gemini image

Via Plugin:
1.push blue button
2.Addons -Enter
3. Download and install
4.Cam-Select CCcam version from list-downlaod and install
5.Go to again in addons , downlaod and install , cam-config, select config for the same CCcam version which was installed
6.Edit CCcam.cfg from /var/etc/ with your C and F line and listen port

manual install

1.unzip the CCcam zip file
2.upload using Dcc or total comander CCcam.ppc in /var/bin/ and set chmod 755
3.upload CCcam.cfg in /var/etc/
4.Edit CCcam.cfg with your C and F line and listen port
5.upload start script in /var/script/ and set chmod 755
7.push blue button, select CCcam from list and make start,restart cam



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