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Monday, April 16, 2018

Learn how to run two cccam servers on only one linux server tuner

Sometime is need to run 2 cccam servers on the same linux server

1.Upload CCcam bin file in /var/bin/
2.Upload CCCam.cfg in /var/etc/
3.Rename CCcam bin file on your pc in CCcam2
4.Upload CCcam2 bin file in /var/bin/, now you have 2 executable files
CCcam and CCcam2
5.Upload the second CCcam.cfg as CCcam2.cfg in /var/etc/, now you have 2 config files in /var/etc/ , CCcam.cfg and CCcam2.cfg
6. go to in /var/bin/: cd /var/bin/
7. Start first cccam server ./CCcam&
8. Start the second cccam server ./CCcam2 -C /var/etc/CCcam2.cfg &

Please set 2 different listen port in the 2 config files 

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