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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do you know what is Hop, Reshare & distance ?

Hop, Reshare & Distance are 3 same terminology's in a way!!

Hop is used in CCcam and Distance is used in other emus like Gbox & others

''So what do they mean ?''

Hop means number of servers away !!

In simple terms to understand me well here is an example!!

I have a local card and i am sharing with you!!

You will see my card as Hop 1 or as called elsewhere Distance 1

Now you decide to share with your friend

Your friend will get my card as Hop 2 ( this is called Reshare , because you are resharing my card with your friend )

One day your friend decides to share with his father, so his father will get my card as Hop 3

and the further the card goes with each connection it will add 1 hop each time
Now you are thinking and deep inside you are saying '' But i do not want to reshare my card so many times''

Well you are right it is never suggested to reshare your card more than 3 times this means 3 hops away !!

In order to eliminate this you need to add some config in your F: lines in Ccam.cfg

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